Friday, 1 June 2012

''How to Make Hair Dry Faster Without a Blow Dryer''

●► How to Make Hair Dry Faster Without a Blow Dryer

Hair blow dryers can dry out and damage hair. If you allow your hair to dry naturally, without blow drying, the length and thickness of your hair will effect how fast it dries. Wash your hair at least a few hours before bedtime so you are not getting into bed with wet hair. Read on for some tips to dry your hair faster without the harsh heat of a blow dryer.


1.Bend over at the waist, while still in the shower, but after shutting the water off. Hang your head down towards your feet. Let the excess water drain out of your hair. Gently squeeze your hair to remove more of the water. Be careful not to twist or wring your hair. This causes breakage and damage

2.Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb while you are still bent over at the waist. Then stand up and comb through your hair again.

3. Pat your hair with a dry, absorbent towel. If your hair is long, use the towel to pat dry the full length of the hair. Again, do not twist or wring your hair.

4. Help your hair to dry faster by standing up and flipping your head upside again every 10 minutes to fluff up your hair and allow more air access. Comb it while you have your head flipped forward and then again when you have your hair back in place.

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