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''Benefits of Hair Spa''


Benefits of Hair Spa

What would you recommend to a friend who is feeling exceptionally tired and worn out? That’s easy. A day at the spa! Just like a day at the spa, indulging in massages and other pampering treatments can rejuvenate your body, a few hours of special treatment can rejuvenate your hair. In a day and age where pollution and chemicals play havoc with your hair, a spa treatment can help restore it to its natural beauty.

Apart from giving you a fantastically relaxing head massage and really helping you calm down, the benefits of a hair spa treatment are many :----

1. The treatment begins with a special spa shampoo hair wash. This mild shampoo is massaged into your hair for best results and then washed off with luke warm water, leaving your hair clean and ready to be rejuvenated.

2. This is followed by the application of a hair masque or hot oil massage. The masque is massaged into your scalp to relieve the dryness that inevitably becomes the norm due to treatments like perming or straightening or even the use of shampoos and conditioners all the time. The masque is applied to cover every strand of the hair.

3. And as your stylist works the masque into every strand, the resulting massage can be just as rejuvenating for your tired mind as it is for your damaged scalp and hair.

4. After the masque has been thoroughly applied, the next step is steam. Five to ten minutes of steam therapy for your hair can help retrieve the lost moisture in the strands and roots of your hair, making it supple, smooth and soft.

5. The masque is then washed off and your hair will be dried and, if you so desire, set.

The whole procedure takes about an hour and leaves your hair feeling supple and strong. The moisture and sheen that hair loses everyday because of treatments like straightening, rebonding, etc and the ravages of dust and pollution can be minimised by regular hair spa treatments. Be sure to ask your hairdresser about it next time!

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