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How to make your Hair grow fast with FOOD?

How Do You Make Your Hair Grow Fast With Food?

How do you make your hair grow fast? By eating a well-balanced diet composed of fresh produce, protein, and nutrients. Believe it or not, your hair is made of protein, and without a healthy diet, your locks can go limp and grow at a snail's pace. Grow long luxurious locks quickly by eating foods that are good for both your body and your hair.

Protein Is Powerful in Hair Growth :-
How do you make your hair grow fast? By eating protein! Because your hair is made of protein, you must eat protein for it to grow quickly. The best protein-rich foods for hair growth are fish, liver, eggs, yogurt, tofu, beans, and cottage cheese.

Iron Makes Your Hair and Your Body Strong :-
Iron, like protein, is needed for hair growth. Eating a diet rich in iron will give hair growth a healthy boost. Foods rich in iron include whole grain cereals, liver (also a great source of protein), dark green veggies, eggs, raisins, and dates.

Vitamins Are a Hair-Growing Must-Have :-
Be sure to eat colorful produce so you get a wide range of vitamins. Get plenty of Vitamin E from nuts, olive oil, seeds, and avocados. Get your daily intake of Vitamin B by eating poultry, meats, and eggs (also a great source of protein). Taking a daily multivitamin on top of eating lots of produce is a good idea, especially if you want your hair to grow fast.

Foods That Hinder Hair Growth :-
How do you make your hair grow fast? By skipping the follow foods and ingredients: caffeine, fat, sugar, and carbonated drinks. That morning cup of java can actually be working against your hair growth. While you don't have to eliminate your favorite energy-boosting beverages and sweet indulgences, you should limit them as much as possible until your hair reaches its desired length.

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