Thursday, 31 May 2012

''Tips for Summer hair care''

●► Tips for Summer hair care :-

* If you want to have natural-looking highlights, just comb a little lemon juice through your hair if you plan on spending a few hours out in the sun. The sun will lighten those strands and you will have a subtle sun-streaked look without having to budget for the salon.
* Deep-conditioning is essential for hair at least once a week in summer. Hair tends to become dry, dull or brittle if it is exposed to frequent cycles of soaking and drying, such as if you sweat a lot or go swimming.
* If you like to spend most of summer in a pool, it may be wise to spritz on some leave-in conditioner to help avoid damage from chlorine and salt.
* Summer is the right time for that messy bun hairstyle. Just make sure that you apply a little shine serum to towel-dried hair before you put up your hair so that natural texture can be enhanced. This style is so comfy and will also have you feeling relaxed.
* A slick ponytail can accentuate your features while also getting annoying tendrils of hair out of your way. A side part can also work wonders and give you a changed look if done right. To prevent frizzy hair, use a leave-in conditioner or hair tonics that are specific for frizzy hair.
* If the ponytail is getting boring, try a French braid. It will look chic and will also prevent you looking bedraggled. 

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