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''Hair Care Tips after Rebonding your Hair''

Hair Care Tips after Rebonding your Hair

Rebonding is a very common process to beautify your hair and get your Shining, brighter and healthy looking hair back. Through Rebonding you can easily straighten up curly hair, which earlier use to look like a bird’s nest, it sounds pretty funny but they look real bad if they do not suit with your face cut and features.

In the process of Rebonding, a chemical substance suppose to put on your hair, which works upon straightening of hair in such a manner so that, they will look naturally straight.

It depends on a person’s choice to go for permanent or temporarily rebonding However, this process involves a more use of chemicals so it is always recommended to very rarely go for rebonding, but the after rebonding and treatment are also available, that you can apply on your hair if you have recently done rebonding.

Some Basic Hair Care tips and guides for rebinded hair :----

1) While shampooing your hair always remember to use only cold water because mild warm water can take out the solution that one has put up during Rebondingprocess. In addition, regularly wash your hair so that any residue of hair product will get eradicate.

2) Using heating elements is always very harmful for hair, as heat makes your hair even more dull and dry, so avoid using even a hair dryer.

3) Always, use a wide comb to settle down your hair, because during Rebonding process, you have already applied a much amount of chemicals and have made your hair weak. Your hair will more struck in thinner nailed comb, you will only end up, in breaking your already weak hair strands, even more easily.

4) As you, know your hair have become dry, so applying conditioners atleast 4 times a day is must, to avoid any kind of hair breakage.

5) Protect your hair from harmful sunrays, because that chemical which has been used during rebinding, if will come in contact of sunrays, can cause many hair problems like dandruff, excess hair loss, and dry hair etc.

6) Always, give a nutritive diet to your hair. That means eat healthy to make your hair even healthier. Especially, sprouts, protein, and nuts are very good for your hair.

7) Lastly, never use any kind of chemical on your hair, atleast for 5-6 months, because again the use of chemicals will make your hair extremely dull and damaged.

Therefore, do take care of your hair, to protect them from the harmful effects of Rebonding.

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  1. I just want to ask if its forbidden to do a hair cut after rebonding a week or so? and what kind of conditioner can i use?

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