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''How to Brush Your Hair''


''How to Brush Your Hair''

Brushing your hair produces several benefits for your hair beauty! It massages the scalp, removes the loose scales accumulated on the scalp and distributes the sebum (oily substance) evenly through the hair.

Regular brushing with a ball-tipped bristle brush through to the scalp will stimulate the blood supply and promote healthy growth.
So, here some steps for how to brushing your hair

1. For short hair use a Paddington brush with soft protective bristles.

2. For medium length straight hair, use a Paddle Brush with soft protective bristles. For smooth silky look use the large paddle brush.

3. For medium length wavy hair, use extra large round brush to blow out the kinks and curls.

4. For long hair past your shoulders use a thick, loose toothed brush. Mason Pearson hair brushes are renowned for the pure boar bristles which don't tear hair or leave static.

5. Never use a brush on wet hair, always use a wide-toothed comb from end to root. Try not to touch the root at all.

6. Some suggest not even to comb it in wet condition. Hair is three times weaker when it's wet.

7. Heavy wooden brushes are easier to straighten hair with.

8. The size of the brush depends on the length of the hair.

9. Finer hair should use a smaller brush. The smaller the brush, the greater the root lift.

10. For thick hair use a paddle brush to make it straight.

11. For thick frizzy hair, never brush it! Use a pick comb to style.

12. Don't buy cheap plastic stuff! It causes electrostatic. Don't use metal combs and brushes.

13. Ensure that your hairbrush and comb have rounded bristles.

14. Cleaning brushes is very important. It can be done by using another brush or comb to take out the build-up. Shampoo or soap can be used to wash bristles. Wash once a week.

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