Thursday, 31 May 2012

''Daily Hair Care tips for Rainy Season''

Daily Hair Care tips for Rainy Season :-----

Rainy season is back and so are the heavy downpours. Enjoy the rains but ensure to take good care of hair and skin. Hair care is crucial in this season else it can become difficult to maintain the beauty of hairs.

Clean the Rain Water from Hair :----

Rainy season is utterly unpredictable. The light sprinkles can turn into heavy showers anytime. Whenever the rain droplets or heavy showers makes the hair wet then wash the hair thoroughly yet gently. After washing hair with shampoo use a conditioner as well. The reason being, rain water carries lot of unseen bacteria and other pollutants which can spoil the hair if not cleaned. It can also cause excessive dandruff.

Apply Oil to Hair Moderately :----

Oiling hair in rainy season should be done less. Too much oiling would give more sticky feeling. Hairs experts recommend oiling the hair 3-4 hours prior to taking hair wash unlike keeping hair oiled overnight as in other seasons round the year.

Say No to Chemical Treatments :----

Chemical treatments in the cloudy weather are an absolute no. Hairs are hydroscopic in nature. This mean it absorbs moisture from the environment and invalidates the effect of chemical products on the hair. In fact the hair get becomes more tangled and messy. Chemical treatments refer to highlighting, hair coloring , straightening and so on.

Keep the Hair tied in Loose Hairstyle :----

Enlarged hair dos that require hairs to be tied tightly in a bun must not used in rainy season. Hair becomes quite fragile and when tying it tightly it breaks down severely. Also do not keep it open. Best is to put all hair together in loose bun or loose ponytail. In case the hair are too long then put a simple plate not too tight. Always use a wide toothed comb in this weather.

Never Comb or Tie Wet Hair :----

When hairs are wet, first allow it to dry then only comb the hair and put it in a loose bun. Combing wet hair can make the hair to break easily. And, tying hair when it is damp can lead to fungal infection in scalp or it becomes prone to lice infestation.

Do Not Blow Dry Wet Hairs :----

Hair dryers must not be used to dry the oily hairs. Instead use a good cotton towel and gently rub it on the scalp and hairs. With blow drying the hair (check the dry skin remedies )in rainy season can leads to more split ends and hair breakage. Once it is done mending this issue again shall take lot of efforts and time.

Wash Hairs Twice or Thrice in a Week :----

It is best to keep the scalp dirt free to avoid all the hair problems in rainy season. In a week one must wash hair 2-3 times. During this season the water gets contaminated soon hence more chlorine is added to water. Chlorine makes the hair very dry. This is the reason why it is important to take the hair wash with mild herbal shampoo. Also use a good conditioner after every hair wash.

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