Thursday, 31 May 2012

''How to care for Highlights Hair''

How to care for Highlights Hair:-

Highlights can have truly gorgeous effects, however it is essential to maintain them in their original state. The color you choose might be more sensitive to harmful factors than your natural hair color.

1. The sun is not only the worst enemy of our skin but also our hair. Besides damaging the strands it can also generate the fading of hair color. Highlights are more prone to discoloration and deterioration than a block dyed hairstyle. In order to keep the initial state of these spectacular tresses it is recommended to use shampoo and conditioner with SPF. Indeed if you swim these can lose their effect, that's why you should refresh your hair repeatedly after getting out of the pool.

2.Hair accessories as headbands and hats add a voguish flair to your hairstyle. The highlights will be properly protected from the UV rays, especially if you manage to cover them all.

3.Spending more time in the sun and exposing the colored tresses to these hair care enemies can spoil your hairdo. The best way to prevent accident is to plan your outfit beforehand adding the hair accessory as the final touch to your look.It is not a simple myth that water has can do miracles for your hair. Undoubtedly hydration plays a crucial role in keeping your locks healthy and moisturized.

4.The hair coloring process further weakened the follicles, that's why it is vital to devote special attention to fluid intake. Drinking more water should be included in your daily ritual, until you'll be pleased both with the condition of your hair and skin.

5.One of the top tips of hair stylist to protect highlights is to rinse hair with cold water, rather than warm. It was repeatedly demonstrated that warm water can dry out the roots ans strands. On the contrary the cold fluid will seal the conditioner or protective lotion in the follicles, this way increasing the efficiency of the treatment. If you feel icy water a bit uncomfortable make sure that only your hair gets under the shower.

6. Conditioning is a basic element of the hair highlight care process. Those who decode to have some colorful streaks should purchase conditioners, protein sprays that will protect the health of the follicles. Indeed it is necessary to pay extra-attention to the keratin from our strands. This is the ingredient that keeps our tresses strong and in good shape. Apply these sprays to your hair while still 
wet and leave it on without washing it off.

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