Thursday, 31 May 2012

''How To Make Hair Roll''

How To Make Hair Roll?

If you want to know how to frame your hair and keep it out of your face in a more interesting way than a ponytail, this classic hairstyle is for you. 

1. Start with clean, untangled hair.

2. Divide the hair into two even sections. Tie one into a pigtail.

3. Gather a handful of hair from the forehead of the free side of hair and twist it back.

4. Hold the twist gently away from the scalp, and gather another handful of hair. Add the new handful to the first twist and give the whole thing a few more small twists.

5. Continue adding small handfuls of hair and twisting until all the hair on this side has been gathered into one big twist.

6. Ask someone to hold it out of the way or use a barrette/clip. Do the same thing on the other side until you have another twist.

7. Gather the two twists into a ponytail. Secure with a hair band or a large barrette.

Use a comb to smooth any "messy spots" down into the roll. Use bobby pins to clip fine hair in place. You can leave this style as a ponytail, or go on to turn it into a bun.

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