Thursday, 31 May 2012

''How To Get Shiny Hair''

●► How To Get Shiny Hair :-

The best way to achieve shiny hair is to first off of course to take good care of your hair with the basics of getting it cut when necessary to prevent your hair from any breakage or split ends for maximum shine and health.

Deep conditioning your hair once every one to two weeks is another great option for making your hair shiny like the celebrities if you have dry hair, you dye your hair at all, or use chemicals or heating on your locks. What you do to deep condition is to simply apply a little extra good quality conditioner, and leave it in your hair for 20 to 30 minutes. After you leave the conditioner in for whatever amount of time you decide on just wash it out with water.

Try using a sulfate free shampoo as well since roughly 95% of all shampoos use this harmful chemical in them as one of the main ingredients. What makes sulfate so harmful to the hair is that it strips your hair and scalp of too many natural oils that are necessary to keep your hair healthy and shiny. How you can buy a good shampoo without any sulfate is to just check the back and read if the shampoo uses sulfate, but usually if a shampoo doesn't contain sulfate it will let you know so by advertising it on the front of the bottle. Sulfate free shampoos do usually cost a few extra bucks than regular shampoos, but trust me they're completely worth the extra money for healthier and glossier hair.

If your hair is a normal to dry or damaged hair type and you wash your hair every day, then I recommend you only wash your hair or at least use shampoo every other day. Washing your hair everyday is surprisingly bad on your hair and will often times give it more of a lack luster appearance instead of the shine we're trying to achieve here. If you use a bit too much shampoo or leave your shampoo in too long this can take away from your hair's shine too sometimes. Try applying smaller amounts of shampoo to your hair or leave your shampoo in for a shorter amount of time.

There are also hair products you can buy to create a celebrity like shine to your hair. Now, since there are so many hair shine items I'm not going to name the examples off product but product, but I use hair shining oils and creams that often times contain coconut oils or extracts in them and they work wonders on my hair. Too much heat by hair straighteners, curling irons, or blow dryers can be terrible for the health and shine of your hair, so using lower heat levels on dry hair that is clean and has heat protecting hair oils and creams in your hair that prevent heat damage are helpful for maximum shine too.

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